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Grandstream Dp750 Dp720 Dect Accra


Gradstream in Ghana offering new hands-free phones for offices and homes in Accra. We provide Granstream DP750 Dect base and DP720 Dect Phones in Accra. DP750/ 720 is the next generation of powerful, affordable, high quality and simple to configure VoIP DECT phones for small business and residential users. Their compact size, superb voice quality, rich feature set, market leading price performance and wide range radio coverage enable consumers to maximize the power of IP voice application and mobility for a minimum investment. DP720/750 is SIP and DECT compliant and field proved for flexible deployment. VDSAE is the largest provider of IP phones in Accra.

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Grandstream Dp722 Dect Phone Ghana


Grandstream DP722 in Ghana  is a mid-tier DECT cordless IP phone that allows users to mobilize their VoIP network throughout any business, warehouse, retail store and residential environment. It is supported by Grandstream’s DP750 and DP752 DECT VoIP base stations and delivers a combination of mobility and excellent telephony performance.

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Grandstream Dp730 Accra

Grandstream DP730 Dect Phone Ghana

Grandstream DP730 in Ghana is designed for employee or user mobility and suited for homes, offices, warehouses and factories. The DP730 offer high-quality audio communications with high-end performance. The DP730 in Accra IS used with grandstream Dect base stations DP750 and DP752. Up to 5 numbers of DP 730 can use with the base station.DP730 Dect Phone provides 2.4-inch color display, HD Audio, Up to 10 SIP Users in One Handset and  3.5 MM headset Jack. This office DECT phone offers a blazing 40 hours talk time and range of 50 meters indoor and 400 meters outdoor while used with DP752 Base.

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Grandstream Dp752 Dect Base Station

Grandstream DP752 Ghana

Grandstream DP752 in Ghana is an IP base station to connect Grandstream wireless handsets to your VoIP phone system. DP752 uses encrypted and authenticated DECT to communicate with DP720, DP722, and DP730 handsets. It uses SIP to communicate with your phone system, giving you a wide range of options for phone systems. DP752 supports 10 SIP accounts. You can map any handset to any SIP account and vice versa.

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Grandstream Wp820 Accra

Grandstream WP820 WIFI IP Phone Ghana

Grandstream WP820 Wifi IP Phone in Ghana designed for easy mobility. The Grandstream WP820 enable you to roam around the building even across the entire campus. WP820 Communicate with the IP PBX Threw  Integrated dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi support. High-quality audio is supported with wide-band voice codecs such as Opus. The WP820 in Accra Is an Android Wifi Dect Phone with 2 SIP Accounts and 2 Line support.

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