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CCTV Hard disks are special storage devices engineered for writing and large, sequential data blocks. The CCTV Security application the hard disk writing function can represent up to 95% of operation function. CCTV Hard disk differs from PC Hard disk concerning functionality and Design. Many of you might have a feeling that they can use regular hard drives for CCTV system recording purposes. It is because desktop hard drives are made to operate only for 8 hours a day and six days a week. The CCTB HDD’s designed for 24*7 operation and seven days week.

The CCTV Hard drives are a core component of a surveillance security system. These Hard drives are applicable for DVR, NVR, CCTV Server and Video Mangement System. It offers low hardware failure rates for your mission-critical CCTV systems.

Most of the CCTV Security systems store the feeds in its internal SATA hard drives. Several Deciding factors included in the decision of storage size of a CCTV Systems. That is –

  • Camera Recording Feed Resolution
  • Number of Cameras
  • Total time of CCTV Recording

CCTV Hard Disks are available in different size depending on your application. The Hard Disk sizes are 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB, 8 TB , 10 TB AND 12TB. We carry industries Top CCTV Hard Disk Brands to fulfill your CCTV Storage Requirements. As a leading CCTV Hard Disk Distributor in Dubai, we carry products from Seagate CCTV Hard Disk, WD CCTV Hard Disk, and Toshiba CCTV Hard Disk. Contact us today for best CCTV HDD Prices in Dubai.

Seagate Surveillance Harddisk Accra

Seagate CCTV HardDisk Accra Ghana

Seagate CCTV Hard Disk Accra Ghana Seagate remains the top brand in internal, external and portable CCTV Hard Disk sales in Accra Ghana.  The Increased Demand for optimum surveillance in and around the home and business has led to a need for exceptional CCTV Recording product with excellent recording, storage, and minimal data loss. While…


Thoshiba Cctv Hdd Supplier Ghana

Toshiba CCTV Hard Disk Accra Ghana

Toshiba CCTV Hard Disk Accra Ghana Toshiba offers CCTV Surveillance Hard disk Accra Ghana at the 3.5-inch size. It’s Tested and designed for 24/7  reliable CCTV stream recording. Toshiba’s S300 is the hard drive specifically designed for CCTV recording. Thosiba surveillance, HDD’s are built for capacity, speed, and retention of Video content for a long…


Wd Cctv Hdd Accra Ghana

WD CCTV Hard Disk Accra Ghana

WD CCTV Hard Disk Accra Ghana Western Digital (WD) in Accra Ghana is a well-recognised Surveillance Harddisk brand that has officially released its line of CCTV hard dISKS for virtually every type of CCTV Security application. WD CCTV Hard Disk in Accra Ghana delivers high performance optimised with compatible firmware for CCTV surveillance purposes. The…