Poly CCX 500 Ghana


Poly CCX 500 Ghana

Poly CCX 500 is fitted with advanced audio technologies including Poly Acoustic Clarity and Poly HD Voice which ensure that you can hear and be heard clearly, even in noisy environments.



Poly CCX 500 Microsoft Teams Phone with handset PoE Ghana

Poly CCX500 Ghana is an advanced Business Media Phone in Accra, Ghana that is fitted with the right features to enhance your communication experience. It comes ready with a pre-installed Microsoft Teams Room feature, allowing you to enjoy a maximum collaborative experience with your colleagues, partners and friends. It is designed specifically for office workers and  knowledge workers. It is also fitted with a 5-inch touchscreen display that offers a quick access to details at a glance. Poly CCX 500 supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), making it ideal for extended network use.

The Poly CCX Series of Microsoft Teams Edition desk phones are setting a new standard in what users expect from their desktop phones. The CCX Series is designed to increase workplace productivity because it is designed with users in mind catering to the way you work. The CCX Series is simple to use with intuitive interfaces that help employees and executives get to work immediately and hassle-free. The models come in various styles with options to either keep the handset in the desk phone or eliminate the handset for scenarios where you know you will only be using a headset with your Teams device.

 Poly CCX 500 Ghana has integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is optional via a USB dongle. Both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are supported. This model has a handset, but there is a CCX 500 version that comes without a handset especially designed for headset users.

In office gardens and call centres it can sometimes be very noisy. Specifically for this, Poly has developed the Acoustic Fence technology. Thanks to this technology, background noise is automatically suppressed. The Poly CCX 500 Business Media Phone is by default equipped with this latest development from Poly. The combination of the sleek design and the user-friendly interface make this phone a very suitable addition to any organization. Start a conversation easily via the special Microsoft Teams button.

A 5-inch colour display, natural Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business integration, a crystal clear sound experience and no background noise. This telephone is delivered including the handset. This way you start every conversation at a time that suits you.

Key Features

  • Colour touchscreen operation with 5-inch multi-touch LCD display
    • Poly CCX 500 Ghana is equipped with a 5-inch multi-touch LCD display which offers a quick access to details at a glance.
  • Hear every nuance with Poly HD Voice and Poly Acoustic Clarity
    • CCX 500 is fitted with advanced audio technologies including Poly Acoustic Clarity and Poly HD Voice which ensure that you can hear and be heard clearly, even in noisy environments. Poly Acoustic Clarity filters out background noise so you can enjoy crystal clear conversations. Its built-in full -duplex speakerphone enhances audio clarity using embedded echo cancellation.
  • Rich Telephony Features
    • Poly CCX 500 is equipped with powerful chipsets to support next-generation features which not only enhance your general communication experience, but also boost your productivity.  Contacts and meetings are easily accessible, one tap away on a colour touchscreen.  The phone is easy for IT experts to manage with robust provisioning and management of telephony deployment and support.
  • Wireless Connectivity
    • The CCX 500 is integrated with Wi-Fi, enabling you to make smooth and fast calls over the internet.  Built-in Bluetooth feature enables you to pair the handset with other compatible devices including headsets for maximum mobility and efficiency.
  • Headset Interface
    • The Poly CCX 500 comes with an RJ9 port which enables you to connect it with compatible headsets so that you can enjoy maximum freedom and mobility within the office.
  • Maximum freedom
    • Connect the Poly CCX 500 to any location. Use one of the two gigabit network ports or use the optional Wi-Fi dongle. That way you are no longer bound to one place and you have the freedom you want. Do you like to use a headset. The Poly CCX 500 is also perfectly prepared for this. Choose whether you connect the headset via Bluetooth, USB or RJ9.
  • Excellent audio performance
    • With a Poly, the new name of Plantronics and Polycom, you opt for world-class sound. Technologies such as HD Voice, Acoustic Clarity and Acoustic Fence make every conversation of the highest possible level and without distraction from background noise. Enjoy this excellent audio performance yourself with the Poly CCX 500 Business Media Phone.

Poly CCX 500 specifications

  • Two USB ports for peripherals (1x Type A and 1x Type C)
  • One RJ-9 connection specially for a headset
  • Suitable for Bluetooth accessories
  • Made for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business
  • Two gigabit ethernet connections
  • 5 inch color display
  • Android 9 installed
  • Poly HD Voice – always lifelike sound
  • Poly Acoustic Clarity – equipped with echo cancellation and noise reduction as standard

What’s in the box

  • Poly CCX 500 Business Media Phone
  • Poly CCX 500 Handset with connection cable
  • Network cable (CAT-5E)
  • Office standard
  • Quick start guide

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