Poly Rove20 Ghana


Poly Rove20 Ghana

The Poly Rove20 Ghana wireless DECT IP phone stands out as an excellent option for entry-level single-cell DECT handsets, providing a range of features that cater to diverse business needs.

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Poly Rove20 Wireless DECT IP Phone Ghana

The Poly Rove20 Ghana wireless DECT IP phone stands out as an excellent option for entry-level single-cell DECT handsets, providing a range of features that cater to diverse business needs. Boasting a 2-inch color display, 4-line keys, duplex speakerphone, and an impressive 35-hour talk-time, it sets a new benchmark for talk-time and battery longevity within its product line.

Part of the esteemed Rove family, alongside the Rove 30 and Rove 40 models, the Rove20 is specifically crafted for the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. Its adaptability extends its suitability to organizations of varying sizes, making it a versatile choice. Recognized for its reliability in sectors such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, the Rove series of wireless DECT IP phones excels in meeting the communication needs of different industries.

Tailored to address the demands of warehouse staff, retail associates, clinic personnel, and frontline or shift-based workers across diverse sectors, the Rove20, along with the B1 models, delivers a streamlined one-touch functionality and a user-friendly screen size. This ensures ease of use across various roles and industries. Whether deployed in a bustling retail environment or a critical healthcare setting, the Poly Rove20 Ghana proves itself as a dependable and flexible solution for effective telecommunication, offering robust communication capabilities to meet the demands of dynamic business environments.



The Rove20 and B1 are designed with security in mind, making it an excellent choice for organizations that require robust and secure communication. All Rove IP Phones utilize the latest standards in DECT wireless security, ensuring secure communication with end-to-end encryption.

The Poly Rove20 Ghana is designed with interoperability in mind, to easily scale and meet business needs. The new devices are interoperable with Rove B2, Rove B4, Rove 30, Rove 40, and R8 repeater, allowing the new solutions to work with existing Poly DECT phones in an organization. This means that organizations can easily add more devices as their needs grow without having to replace existing equipment, making it a cost-effective solution for SMBs and larger organizations.


The Poly Rove20 Ghana offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. One of its standout features is the 2-inch color LCD display. This display provides users with call information, date, time, and application/user interface details (such as Zoom, Teams, Open SIP) to improve the user experience. The Rove20 has four dedicated programmable line keys which helps to streamline call management, allowing users to handle their communications with ease and efficiency. The Rove B1 supports up to three of the Poly Rove R8 secure repeaters and can support up to 10 handsets and 10 lines per base-with up to 50-meter range. Finally, the 3.5mm headset port provides users with additional flexibility, allowing them to use their preferred wired headset for hands-free communication.


The Rove20 and B1 offer IT departments a cost-effective mobile solution for customers who want high quality audio calls. Since the system is easily scalable, the addition of more handsets is straightforward for IT departments to manage the communication system with minimal fuss. The interoperability of the Rove20 handset with all Rove products further enhances the system’s scalability. Additionally, the devices are compatible with Poly PDMS-SP, a powerful device management platform that allows IT teams to manage devices, keep devices up to date with the latest software, and provide support.

Overall, the Rove20 and B1 are reliable and cost-effective options for organizations of all sizes. With its user-friendly design, long battery life, and end-to-end encryption, the Rove20 and B1 is an excellent choice for shift-based end-users and front-line workers across a range of industries, including retail, healthcare, and warehousing. The Poly Rove20 wireless DECT IP phone and B1 Base Station is expected to be available worldwide at Poly.com

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