Poly Expansion Microphone Ghana


Poly Expansion Microphone Ghana

The three-microphone array gives you a 360° coverage with the rich HD audio you expect from Polycom. This wired microphone comes with a 25-ft cable.


Poly Studio + Expansion Microphone

Extend the reach of your Polycom Studio USB Video Bar or Polycom RealPresence Debut with this Poly Expansion Microphone. The three-microphone array give you 360° coverage with the rich HD audio you expect from Polycom. This wired microphone comes with a 25-ft cable.

The Poly Studio + Expansion Microphone includes a premium all-in-one video conference camera and soundbar system, along with an expansion microphone. The Poly Studio is designed with small and medium-sized rooms in mind. Not to mention, it delivers excellent stereo sound and a fantastic visual experience. Meanwhile, the expansion microphone works to expand the sound coverage of your Poly Studio or Realpresence Debut. With this microphone, expand the coverage of your Polycom Studio up to 3 metres. In turn, this adds another dimension to your videoconferencing experience.


Expansion microphone

  • Three-point design
  • 7.6-metre cable
  • 3 integrated microphones
  • LED indicator
  • 360º coverage
  • Plug and play connectivity
  • NoiseBlock and Polycom Acoustic Fence functions
  • Dynamic video experience
  • USB connectivity
  • Compatible with most platforms on the market
  • Expansion phone with HD audio and 360º coverage
  • Improve the quality of your audio and video conferencing by adding external microphones to your conference room table.
  • Expansion microphones are available for the following conference phones: SoundStation Duo, SoundStation2 EX, SoundStation2W EX, SoundStation VTX 1000 & SoundStation IP 6000.
  • Compatible with: Poly StudioPoly Studio X50
Technical Specifications
Warranty 1 year
Working environment / use Medium room
Number Up to 12 people
Connects to (use with) Connects to PC via USB
Optimized for Optimized for all softphones
Wireless Wireless
Screen Without screen
Video resolution 1080dpi resolution
Camera Type Automatic pan camera
Camera resolution 1080dpi resolution
Remote control Remote control included