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Polycom Cieling Mic Accra

Polycom Ceiling Mic Ghana

Polycom Ceiling Mics in Ghana are always a professional meeting room choice. It offers 360-degree voice pick with reliable and consistent performance. It can be paired with an installed audio solution or Directly with Polycom Video conferencing. The Polycom Acoustic Fence™ Technology in this Mic makes your conference room highly effective. You can define the fence area and isolate unwanted sound based on your fence creation. This microphone can eliminate the acoustic noice dramatically even it place right on top of the speaker. With Polycom ceiling mic you will enjoy your meeting productively without any distraction.

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Polycom Cx5100 Accra

Polycom CX5100 Ghana

Polycom CX5100 in Ghana is a 360-degree panoramic view plug and play conference camera. It provides 1080 p HD Video and the inbuilt microphone offer 6 meters audio capturing. The CX5100is  Microsoft Skype for business certified and can use right out of the box by plugging the USB port to your Desktop USB Jack. This camera can automatically focus the speaking participant in Video conferencing meeting. Microphone capturing is further enhanced with expansion mics. The CX5100 in Accra bring powerful collaboration capabilities to your meeting room.

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Polycom Cx5500 Accra

Polycom CX5500 Ghana

Polycom CX5500 in Ghana is a unified Video Conferencing Station designed for HD Voice and Video for Skype for business. The CX5500 PROVIDE 360 Degree view of the conference room and support the active speaker. Ita a plug and play solution with USB support.IT has an inbuilt powerful microphone capable to capture audio from 20 feet. The CX5500 in Accra is also supported SIP Protocol and can be used with any SIP-based Audio conferencing environment.  Along with USB, the cx5500 has an inbuilt ethernet port with Giga network connectivity speed.

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Polycom Eagle Eye Director Ghana

Polycom EagleEye Director II Ghana

Polycom Eagleeye Director in Ghana is one of the product everybody loves to have in their meeting room. The Polycom EagleEye Director II make your video conferencing to the next level with people tracking technology.  This Technology can automatically track meeting participants faces and zoom in to the active speaker. The best part is you don’t have to use the presets or remote in the meeting which commonly makes your concentration away. The Polycom Eagle Eye Director in Accra support 2 Cameras which make every part of your perfectly blend into your video meeting.


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Polycom Eagle Eye Producer Accra

Polycom EagleEye Producer Ghana

The Eagle Eye producer in Ghana works with eagle eye director and act as a brain for the conference room. It Instructs the EagleEye Camera frame each user with subtle pan, tilt, and zoom. It utilizes facial recognition technology and constantly scans the room with the connected eagle eye camera. The Eagle eye producer in Accra makes the Video Conferencing more productive and the participants never have to think about technology.

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Polycom Acoustic Camera Accra

Polycom Eagleye Acoustic Camera Ghana

Polycom Eagleye Acoustic Camera in Ghana designed to produce an optimum result for small meeting room environments. This Camera is small enough to blend into the office environment and having a Microphone inbuilt. It provides a horizontal field of view at a maximum of 67°. This camera is designed for real presence group series video conferencing.

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Polycom Eagleeye Iv 12x Camera Accra

Polycom EaglEye IV 12X Camera  Ghana

Polycom EaglEye IV 12X Camera in Ghana is designed with 12x Zoom and HD video transmission. It offers natural colors with a crispy video for your meeting. Polycom EaglEye IV 12X Camera in Accra offer with a complete digital sensor With a wide field of view.

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Polycom Eagleeye Iv 4x Usb Camera Accra

Polycom EaglEye IV 4X Camera Ghana

Polycom EaglEye IV 4X Camera in Ghana offers a high-quality digital sensor, which enables it to capture the most accurate and detailed video for your video meeting. This camera supports 4x Zoom and well suited for any meeting room environment. This camera is designed for RealPresence Group Series video conferencing systems.

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Polycom Iv Eagleeye Mini Accra

Polycom EaglEye Mini Camera in Ghana

Polycom EaglEye Mini Camera in Ghana is designed for Trio Family and Polycom Audio Phone Models VVX501 and VVX601. The Polycom mini camera in Accra is Skype for Business certified and Supports up to 1080p @ 30fps transmit video (H.264). This Camera offers high-quality operations for small meeting rooms. Additional features like electronic pan, tilt and 4x zoom ensure business-class performance in personal and small room environments.

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Polycom Iv 12x Ptz Camera Ghana

Polycom EaglEye IV PTZ USB Camera Ghana

Polycom EaglEye IV PTZ USB Camera in Ghana offers best in class Video quality for your meeting room. It offers a pan, tilt and 12x optical zoom capability suitable for medium and large-sized video conferencing meetings. It can deliver HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second. Polycom EaglEye IV PTZ USB Camera  in Accra designed for Trio family products.

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Polycom Group310 Video Conferencing Ghana

Polycom Group310 VC Ghana

Polycom Group310 in Ghana Video Conferencing System ideal for small meeting rooms with easy to install and simple to use design. Group 310 is Skype for Business, both on-premises and online certified. The Polycom Realpresence Group 310 provide  1080p60 video resolution for your video meetings. The Polycom Group310 in Accra is smaller in size and support content sharing along with Video Conferencing. The Group310 support a single display by default. But additional display scan is supported with a license activation.

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Polycom Group500 Video Conferencing Ghana

Polycom Real presence Group500 Ghana

Polycom Group500 Video Conferencing Systems in Ghana are ideal for medium to semi-large meeting rooms. It supports Dual Screens by default and 1080P content sharing is supported threw VGA and HDMI Ports. The Group 500 VC System in Accra is certified for Microsoft Skype for business Online and On-Premise. Wireless content sharing is supported in Group500 for 4 users. Compatibility with EagleEye IV camera selection giving you many camera options to choose from based on your meeting room requirements.

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Video Conferencing Ghana 2

Polycom Real Presence Group700  Ghana

Polycom Group700 Video Conferencing system in Ghana certified for both Skype for business online and on-premise. The Polycom Group700 in Accra is designed for challenging video conferencing requirements and well suited for medium to large meeting rooms. This VC Device ensures 1080p60 video streams and content share. The Polycom pano enable 4 users for wireless content sharing. The Group 700 in Ghana capable to handle multiple conferencing cameras which are best suited for summits, training room and a large classroom.

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Polycom Debut Accra Ghana

Polycom RealPresence Debut in Ghana

The Polycom Realpresence Debut in Ghana is a simple design bust packed with enterprise-grade video conferencing capabilities. It is designed for small meeting rooms and a highly cost-effective solution. The Debut offer full HD 1080p Video communications and high-quality audio with noise block technology,  motor-driven pan, and tilt. The Built-in camera on Polycom Debut in Accra support 4X digital Zoom and the POE support eliminate the need of additional power supply.  There are two microphones inbuilt in this device and offer a field of view at max 80 degrees. The Microphone capturing can further enhanced with optional add-on microphones from Polycom.

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Polycom Studio Accra Ghana

Polycom Studio Ghana

Polycom Studio in Ghana is a USB connected Video conferencing bar designed for small meeting rooms. It’s a pug and plays device support almost any video conferencing platform with Mac and Windows support. It can be used with Bluejeans, Zoom and go to a meeting. In simple words, Polycom Studio is Compatible with any application that supports standard USB video and audio driver. It offers high-quality audio and video for your meeting room. It supports automatic group framing and active speaker tracking, which make your meetings effortless. The Camera in Polycom Studio in Accra offers the 120-degree field of view, ensure everyone in the meeting room is captured. The Inbuilt cameras are 4k USD Supported with 2160p, 5X Digital zoom and Eptz support.

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Poly Studio X30 Accra


Polycom Studio X30 in Ghana is an all-in-one video bar for the huddle and small rooms. It supports leading cloud video services without the use of any PC. With its crisp, clear Voices and 4k video output. it is an outstanding video conferencing system for your business. Poly studio X30 in Accra is Compact, lightweight which easily fits on top or underneath the display. Affordable price delivers excellent huddle room performance without breaking the bank.

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